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What types of transformers are there?

There are many types of transformers, which can be classified according to their use, structure, phase number, cooling method, etc.



(1) Power transformer.


Mainly used in power systems, such as step-up transformers, step-down transformers, distribution transformers, contact transformers, factory transformers, etc.



(2) Special transformer.


Refers to transformers other than power systems, such as voltage regulators, instrument transformers (voltage transformers, current transformers), mining transformers, test transformers, rectifier transformers, furnace transformers, welding transformers, rotary transformers, etc.



2. Classified by the number of windings


Can be divided into autotransformers, double-winding transformers, three-winding transformers and multi-winding transformers. Autotransformer: Used to connect power systems at different voltages, or as a general step-up transformer or step-down transformer. Two-winding transformers are used to connect two voltage levels in power systems. Three-winding transformers are commonly used in power system areas to connect three voltage levels to substations.



3. Classify by phase number


Can be divided into single-phase transformers, three-phase transformers and multi-phase transformers. Single-phase transformers are used for single-phase loads and three-phase transformers are used to step up and down the voltage in a three-phase system.



4. Classification by cooling medium


It can be divided into dry-type transformers, oil-immersed transformers and gas-filled transformers. Dry-type transformers rely on air convection cooling and are often used in small-capacity transformers, such as local lighting and electronic circuits. Oil-immersed transformers rely on oil as the cooling medium.



5. Classification by cooling method


Taking oil-immersed transformers as an example, they can be divided into oil-immersed self-cooling transformers, oil-immersed air-cooled transformers, oil-immersed forced oil circulation air-cooled transformers, oil-immersed forced oil circulation water-cooled transformers and oil-immersed forced oil circulation transformers. Lead cooling transformer.



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