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About Basic Introduction of Power Transformer

The power transformer is just one type of transformer, and it is also a transformer that is widely used in life. Power transformers can be divided into the following categories:

1. Step-down transformer (U2

A step-down transformer is a device that converts a high voltage at the input to a low voltage.

2. Step-up transformer (U2>U1)

"Boosting" is the process of raising the value, so the step-up transformer can be understood as a transformer that changes the voltage of the ground figure into a higher figure. This type of transformer has a strong ability to start and change voltage instantly, and the effect is very good, so it is used in AC high-voltage output, power supply system, and a shaker meter for measuring insulation resistance and grounding resistance.

3. Isolation transformer (U2=U1)

It can be understood literally that to separate the voltage is to isolate the strong or weak current in the application.

4. Multi-winding transformer

The winding transformer has several independent secondary windings, and the secondary voltages are also different, which can be lower than the primary voltage, or equal to or higher than the primary voltage.



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