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The production process of small transformers?

Everyone knows that small transformers are sometimes encountered in life or work. For example, they can be seen in various electronic devices. So how is it composed? I believe you are as curious as I am, so let's learn about small transformers together The structure of the transformer.

1. Windings: The windings of small transformers generally use enameled wires, usually in the form of double windings. The primary side of the transformer has only magnetic connections and no electrical connections. At the same time, it can be divided into core-shell structure.

2. Iron core: the core is E-shaped, C-shaped, R-shaped, ring-shaped, etc. Type E is used for small power transformers, and Type C is used for electronic equipment, instruments and household appliances. It has the advantages of light weight, small size, small magnetic flux leakage, small loss, and low temperature rise.

3. Fixing bracket: The fixing bracket is used to fix and support the transformer. Its material can be iron plate or aluminum plate. The shape and fixing of the bracket depend on the shape and power of the iron core.

4. Insulation material: In order to make the transformer have sufficient insulation strength, thin insulation materials are placed in the winding layer, such as capacitor paper, yellow wax wire, etc. In some occasions that require high insulation, polyester film, Teflon film, etc. can also be used .



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